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#EP 9 – International Collaboration, Google Tour Creator, eTwinning and TechTalk Interview with Florentina Popescu and Marina Pozo


Episode 9 of the #mfltwitterati podcast focuses on the power of international collaboration for promoting language learning and widening students’ horizons. You’ll hear a range of inspirational voices from the language teaching community at both primary and secondary levels showcasing many amazing examples of how global connections can make language learning more real and purposeful. Mentions of British Council programmes such as eTwinning, Connecting Classrooms and Erasmus Plus feature heavily throughout the episode and we sincerely thank all those kind teachers who have shared their reflections so generously.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to find a partner school and set up some international collaboration opportunities for your students, this episode should provide you with plenty of food for thought on how to get started!

Our TechTalk interview for this episode is a case in point and features Florentina Popescu and Marina Pozo who share many ways they have incorporated global connections into their classrooms. Through Skype calls, penpal letters, an adventurous teddy, a web tv show and a face to face visit, they have achieved real impact on their children’s attitudes to the value of language learning and being connected with international peers.

Click here for full show notes and clickable timestamps