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#EP 10 – Mandarin Excellence Programme, Certifyem, Charlala, Chinese New Year and TechTalk Interview with Suzi Bewell

EP10.pngEpisode 10 of the #mfltwitterati podcast, the long awaited Mandarin Chinese special is finally out! A bumper edition showcasing a variety of voices involved in the Mandarin Excellence Programme as well as schools celebrating Chinese culture including Chinese New Year and the Willow Pattern Story. We also hear from US Language Teacher of 2018, Ying Jin on her thoughts on non-native teachers teaching Mandarin.

Noah and I share some useful tools for the languages classroom too namely Certifyem and Charlala in this episode. We’d love to receive some audio feedback about these for inclusion in a forthcoming episode. We also announce an exciting new French A’ Level resource from our sponsor, Linguascope and give a shout out to The Language Show and ACTFL too.

Our TechTalk interview for this episode features the inspirational Suzi Bewell who describes the challenge of learning Chinese from scratch in China and then going on to teach it back in England along with her other languages.

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