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#EP 7 – Wheelofnames, Skittles, ConnectLingo, Music, Songs, Phonics and TechTalk interview with Paco Fernández


In episode 7, we take a deep dive into the power of music and song in the languages classroom and showcase lots of great ideas from the community. We announce the winner of our Linguascope competition too and share some sweet ideas on using Skittles as a language learning tool. 

Noah gives a shoutout to the flexible wheelofnames site and I champion the inspiring ConnectLingo Windows app made by a group of sixth formers designed to help students revise for their French and German speaking exams.

Our TechTalk interview is with Paco Fernández, a passionate languages teacher and lead practitioner currently working at the CAM Academy Trust. Paco passes on many helpful tips that he finds to be successful in his classroom about learning grammar in context and being active amongst other topics.

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