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#EP 2 – Virtual Reality, Translation and TechTalk interview with David Shanks

Wow! Well what a response to episode 1! Thank you all so much for your feedback and for spreading the word. We hope you like Episode 2 as much which looks at useful Facebook Groups for language teachers, purposeful virtual and augmented reality activities for bringing language learning to life and a whole host of ideas on integrating translation into the languages classroom.

For our TechTalk interview we speak to David Shanks (@HFLanguages) about different ways he uses research to inform his language lessons including spaced repetition, low stakes testing, creating speaking homeworks and the power of an audience.

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Joe and Noah

Full Show Notes with Clickable Timestamps

[1:10] Radar:  Thanks to @UxlgFu, @VanessaSpallone, @JohnWilsonML, @Fionnualalir, @Beckyjoy @frederiqueCheyn for their feedback about episode 1

[7:28] @CatherineKU72 describing new Facebook Group – Technology for language teaching and learning. Other Facebook groups worth checking out: Secondary MFL Matters, ISMLA, Languages in Primary Schools (LIPS], Global Innovative Language Teachers, Tech for World Languages, Teachers of Spanish Heritage Speakers, CI Liftoff, iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching

[10:30] MFLtwitterati Takeaway: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ideas from @NicoleNaditz on using Google Expeditions, Google Tour Builder and Figment.

[16:21] @missreedspanish: using iPod Touches and Google Cardboard to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

[19:26] Linguascope

[20:32] MFL Show and Tell: Translations ideas – Untangled translations described by:

[21:23] @MelissaBullock1

[22:59] @MflKat

[24:34] @petitejoueuse

[29:17] @miss_mcinnes – Paper chain translations

[30:41] @Mlleeasby – straw game inspired by @srtamcarthy

[32:44] @ValeLanguages – running dictation inspired by @freakybutton 

[37:10] @OLSPCKLanguages – Juvenes Translatores Competition

[41:10] @PaulKayeEUlangs

[43:37] U.K. Winner Natalia Glazman 

[45:14] @errolmoneil Training Students To Use Google Translate And Online Dictionaries For Class

[46:16] @benoitledevedec French Pop Video Competition 

[48:42] TechTalk interview with David Shanks @HFLanguages

[49:50] Getting a taste of EdTech in action

[51:40] Studying an MA. Pragmatic use of technology

[53:38] Using tech for speaking out of the classroom, speaking of homework

[54:49] Using Quizlet for vocabulary learning, spaced repetition and distance learning

[55:17] Plickers for informal, low stakes testing

[57:36] Bridging the Digital divide

[59:01] Bringing research based practice into the classroom

[1:02:37] Setting up Duolingo competitions

[1:06:47] Exploring eTwinning and digital storytelling with Storybird for promoting writing

[1:11:03] Impact on being a member of the #mfltwitterati

[1:12:58] Coming up in the next episode

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