#EP 9 – International Collaboration, Google Tour Creator, eTwinning and TechTalk Interview with Florentina Popescu and Marina Pozo

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Episode 9 of the #mfltwitterati podcast focuses on the power of international collaboration for promoting language learning and widening students’ horizons. You’ll hear a range of inspirational voices from the language teaching community at both primary and secondary levels showcasing many amazing examples of how global connections can make language learning more real and purposeful. Mentions of British Council programmes such as eTwinning, Connecting Classrooms and Erasmus Plus feature heavily throughout the episode and we sincerely thank all those kind teachers who have shared their reflections so generously.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to find a partner school and set up some international collaboration opportunities for your students, this episode should provide you with plenty of food for thought on how to get started!

Our TechTalk interview for this episode is a case in point and features Florentina Popescu and Marina Pozo who share many ways they have incorporated global connections into their classrooms. Through Skype calls, penpal letters, an adventurous teddy, a web tv show and a face to face visit, they have achieved real impact on their children’s attitudes to the value of language learning and being connected with international peers.

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The #mfltwitterati podcast – Celebrating the voices of the modern language teaching community!

Thank you for listening!

Joe and Noah

Show notes

[1:07] Some lovely feedback from @zaragozalass about episode 8

[3:40] Linguascope promotion. Claim your FREE £10 voucher!

[4:38] Radar: @bellatots reflecting on the value of being part of the #mfltwitterati community for new and fresh ideas share by the community

[6.45] @EmpacticoOrg’s free tool for connecting classrooms from around the world. Vicky Davis blogs about the Empatico service here.

[9:20] Charlie Foot from @bili_languages talks about Bili’s online language exchange programme

[12:24] MFLtwitterati Takeaway: @RaquelTola talking about the trips to Spain she has been organising for her Yr 5 children on a shoestring budget and the effect travelling abroad has had on them

[15:56] @MissMarnie2 on using Google Tour Creator and Google Street View to allow her new students to explore their new classroom using virtual reality inspired by HistorySandoval

[18:12] @htrude07 talking about her amazing Appsmash combining Google My Maps, Screencastify and Flipgrid to forge links with their French partner school

[21:25] @ivana_stanley has been using the Flyover Tours in Apple Maps to help her learners explore places from around the world and Google Street View in Google Maps for running treasure hunts and practising directions with her students.

Here is a list of Flyover tours in Apple Maps

[23:30] Linguascope’s awesome promotion

[25:26] MFL Show and Tell: The power of international collaboration. @vickyamysmum and @yorkshirejohn from the British Council set the scene on the value of international education

[29:35] @NatalieBurdett9 shares tips on the value of global collaboration and some suggestions on how to get started

[32:34] @Alex_s_mfl gives tips on setting up international links to enhance language learning

[34:39] @clarnileannain describes her Yr7 penpal project

[36:37] @stevenfawkes on the value of having a penpal, making connections and forging friendships

[39:14] @MadameR on applying for the International School Award and taking a whole school approach to global collaboration.

[41:02] Headteacher and champion of international collaboration, Rob Ford describes some of the incredible initiatives he helped to put in place at his former school Wyedean School before moving to Moldova to take up a new headship

[43:18] @MFLWyedean a.k.a Beky Simpson, Head of Languages at Wyedean gives us a further snapshot of the amazing international work happening at the school

[45:11] @PaulineStirlin3 describes an exciting opportunity for French teachers to connect with each other and share good practice via an eTwinning group called ‘On s’amuse en classe FLE’

[47:33] Free face to face eTwinning workshops https://www.britishcouncil.org/etwinning/workshops/face-to-face

Primary and secondary school language teachers describe how they incorporate eTwinning into the MFL lessons.

[48:57] @BrucieBonus21

[50:36] @DianaLinford

[52:10] @Global_MFL

[53:37] @Languagesdude

[55:51] @SarahGower27 whose school won the prestigious Times Educational Supplement international school of the year award this year talks about the impact their international collaboration has had on the students

[58:50] @BotonesSalgado and her daughter describe how their Erasmus Plus Project has affected their mindset towards language learning

[1:02:23] TechTalk interview with @FlorentinaPope7 and @MarinaDoaPozo about their amazing international collaborations documented in Florentina’s TES article Spreading the news: How a language project is helping children to become global citizens

[1:02:23] Marina describes how she set up her web tv channel and how she involved other schools

[1:04:28] Florentina describes some of her international projects so far using eTwinning

[1:08:31] How international projects can give children a global perspective

[1:09:07] Marina’s visit to Florentina’s school

[1:11:01] Making connections between languages and culture and looking at the comparisons and differences

[1:12:22] The children’s and parents’ reaction to Marina’s visit

[1:13:57] Florentina describes her Teddy Project: ‘Teddy packs a bag and starts travelling’ and explains the impact the classic eTwinning project had on her children through taking part in Skype lessons and receiving letters from their partner schools.

[1:17:33] Making lessons memorable through international collaboration

[1:19:00] Fluency vs accuracy in international projects

[1:21:07] Using Flipgrid and GridPals instead of Skype because of time differences issuesr

[1:22:25] Marina gives more detail about her web tv show and Florentina says what her children felt about appearing on the programme.

[1:25:34] A few final thoughts

[1:26:27] last heads up about the Linguascope promotion. Claim your FREE £10 voucher!

[1:27:04] Looking forward to the next episode.

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