Would you like to contribute to the #mfltwitterati podcast?

It would be great if you could record a short piece of audio for us for possible inclusion in a future episode about an idea that you’ve tweeted about recently using the #mfltwitterati hashtag which you’ve tried and which has proved successful. This could be a tech or a non-tech idea. NB If you heard about the idea from someone else, please namecheck them.

We would love to know what the children think of the idea and how you feel it enhances their language learning.

If you have an iOS device, we would recommend downloading the app RODE Reporter and emailing us the file from the library to

If you have an Android device, we would recommend you download the RecForge II app and email us the results at

If you simply hold your phone under your chin and not speak directly into the microphone, it should sound great.

The recording shouldn’t be more than 2 minutes. Feel free to write bullet points to ensure you cover everything you would like. We wouldn’t recommend writing and reading a script as it may sound unnatural. The podcast is designed to showcase the amazing ideas, resources and links being shared on a daily basis by the modern language teaching community in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Could you not say anything for the first 5 seconds or so so we can use this as a noise profile for noise reduction when editing. You then introduce yourself as your Twitter name then describe your thoughts behind your tweet in 90 seconds – 2 minutes maximum, we suggest you do a couple of practice runs first. Imagine you are explaining the idea to someone who’s never heard about it before. There’s no expectation that the recording needs to be fully comprehensive, but enough information for those who are interested to whet their appetite and to know who to reach out to in the #mfltwitterati community to find out more. You can obviously re-record as many times as you would like and please listen to the recording before sending it to check there are no pops and rumbles in the recording.

You can also record audio via SpeakPipe on the right hand side of this site or via Padlet.

There are four Padlets we’ve created.

1. Episode Feedback Padlet for feedback or ideas relating to something in a specific episode.

2. MFL Show and Tell Padlet – a place for you to share a tech or non-tech idea that you’ve used in the classroom and have found successful.

3. Interview Padlet – This is for use by people who we have arranged to do more formal interviews with.

4. Roving Reporter Padlet – This is designed for those people who are out and about at events or who are going to an event in the near future and either want to say something about it, or give a review or maybe you bumped into someone who you’d like to do a mini-interview with.

Tap on guide below for more information.

Recording audio for the #mfltwitterati podcast with Padlet and SpeakPipe

Recording audio for the #mfltwitterati podcast with Padlet and SpeakPipeClick to read this book, made with Book Creator

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Best wishes 

Joe and Noah