#EP 5 – Wakelet and Spotify Hack, Keeping it real, Mnemonics and TechTalk interview with Daren White

068F96B8-A6D7-4DCD-B6B4-360F33179C66.pngEpisode 5 of the #mfltwitterati podcast is jam-packed full of amazing ideas around the use of mnemonics in the languages classroom. We also hear about the recent #mfltwitterati conference and forthcoming Badge Summit and explore how Wakelet could be a useful tool for collecting resources, enabling collaboration and sharing podcasts with a cool Spotify hack! Noah champions the #HighlightREAL hashtag and I give the new Real Lives exam a nice plug too as well as describe the impact that little changes to our software can have on our daily lives.

Our tech talk interview for this episode is with Daren White who explains many useful ways language teachers can use Google tools in the classroom including giving feedback with gifs with Keep and Docs, creating One Stop Animation with Slides, enabling Voice Typing in Docs to create dictations, running Auto translate with Sheets and using the Explore feature in Docs and Sheets.

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Joe and Noah

[1:22] Radar: Celebrating 12 years on Twitter and feeding back about the #mfltwitterati conference including mentions of presentations on the Making of the #mfltwitterati podcast presentation and GoFormative with a hat tip to @JakeMillerTech and Episode 19 of the Educational Duct Tape podcast with Corey Matthias

[2:34] @PhilippaMcDona3 on her #mfltwitterati conference takeaways including Textivate, TeachVid, Gimkit and gamifications

[3:15] Upcoming Badge Summit event in Philadelphia and exploring the power of Wakelet including @toddytd‘s awesome Spotify hack. Todd’s example

Here are the step by step instructions:

Go to the web based version of Spotify and search for your favourite podcast. Copy the link in the address bar starting with open.spotify.com. Go to Wakelet and Create a new collection. Name it and add a cover image. Click on the plus icon and Paste in the URL. Choose Grid View. Choose Public or Unlisted. Click Save and exit. Click on the three dots to the right of Share. Click Embed. Copy the part of the code starting with https://embed.wakelet.com and ending with list. Replace the word List with grid. You now have a URL of podcasts with an embedded play button to play the latest episode or if you click on the Spotify link it will take you to that podcast’s homepage.

Here’s a Wakelet Wake of some of my favourite educational podcasts

[7:29] MFLtwittereati Takeaway #highlightREAL by @SECottrell

[10:23] Real lives exam, the brain child of Nick Mair from Dulwich College in conjunction with Chartered Institute of Linguists. “The Real Lives exam series is a brand new format for testing practical, applied language skills in real life scenarios. Focused this year on listening skills, the series has the potential to be extended to all skills in future.” Sign up form here.

AAPPL exam from actfl.org

[12:45] iOS12.1 globe key change by @ggf_jerf And @_senorbax

[14:52] Linguascope

[15:56] MFL Show and Tell: Mnemonics

[17:42] @charte UNAVOCAT

[19:38] @SrtaMcCarthy AVOCADOS

[21:24] @MissEdmonston BUST

[22:41] @MissNewnham ASSASSIN

[24:09] @maisiemoo3009 DOTTY

[25:51] @JohnMcgeejo ACTION

[27:00] @FrauChid ACTIONS

[28:22] @mhslangs DORITOS

[29:45] @hannity24 BUMFACE

[31:28] @strobertsmfl COMPLEX SPANISH FIRST

[33:03] @mflteacher2 ADORE


[36:24] @chrismfltandl PROF/PIZZAZZ

[38:17] @missmcconville PROFES

Checkout too:


@beckyward_ BRATWURST

@RachelHawkes60 LOVEIT


@sharanuku CHIPIRONES

@MissMcConville and @LGBoswell COINS

@JessicaLundx CUDDLES

[40:09] TechTalk interview with Daren White

[44:10] Giving feedback with gifs with Keep and Docs and @‘s Ma Semaine en Gifs

[49:04] Creating One Stop Animation with Slides (inspired by @JakeMillerTech and #StopMotionSlides. See example by Matt Miller

[55:03] Enabling Voice Typing in Docs to create dictations

[57:57] Running Auto translate with Sheets and creating personalised word banks

[1:00:49] Using the Explore feature in Docs and Sheets.

[1:03:06] A few final thoughts and looking forward to the next episode

2 thoughts on “#EP 5 – Wakelet and Spotify Hack, Keeping it real, Mnemonics and TechTalk interview with Daren White

  1. Jenny LEGER

    #5 was another whopper. The Google speech to text idea is a game-changer for me as I am currently working on accomodations for SEN kids and this has so much potential. The mnemonics got instant use when I got to class. But I shall have to listen to the podcast again as I didn’t write them all down and now can’t remember them !! Brilliant job. Keep it up !!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment Jenny. We are really delighted that you’re finding the podcast useful and that you’re putting the ideas into practice straight away. Noah and I couldn’t ask for more! Keep the feedback coming!


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